The Importance of First Aid

Always Have a First Aid Kit at Hand

First aid kits should always be close at hand. Keep one in your home, at your work place and in your car, because emergencies don't choose a convenient time and place to happen. When they strike you want to be prepared. This becomes even more important if you have children. They tend to injure themselves a lot while playing and even the most watchful of parents will have the odd occasion when their child injured themselves doing something he shouldn't have been doing. Also ensure that every member of your family or your office knows where the box is kept, because time is crucial when dealing with an emergency.

Understand What's What in the Box

Merely having a first aid box isn't going to take care of cuts, burns, scrapes etc. You have to understand what the first aid contents of the box are meant for. Which ointment should be used in case of a burn? What is the correct way to place a gauze strip? Most first aid kits come with a manual that explains these things, so make sure you read and understand the manual after you have purchased the kit. Understand what should be used in different scenarios and how to use them.

Take a First Aid Class

It would also be well worth your while to take a basic first aid requirements course. These can be completed in a day or two and could help you even save someone's life. Learning how to deal with common injuries or disasters before the experts arrive can be invaluable lessons. Such classes will teach you life saving techniques such as CPR, what to do if someone is having a heart attack, how to stop profuse bleeding, what to do if someone has ingested a toxic substance etc. Such courses also teach you how to prevent a disaster from occurring – simple tips to practice in and around you home and work place that can make your living environment a safer place.

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