Can Chocolate Make You Smarter?

Cocoa and chocolate are full of an antioxidant called flavonoids. In separate studies, flavonoids have shown to enrich the flow of blood to the brain. This increased blood flow can help the brain function better. More blood flow has shown to increase the thinking ability of the brain and can be a benefit to aging adults.

Researchers in a recent study, compared the volume of chocolate consumed by each nation and compared it to the number of Nobel Prize winners. Surprisingly a strong correlation existed between the amount of chocolate each country consumed and the number of Nobel Prize winners. The more chocolate a nation ate, the more Noble Prize winners they had.

Now this study isn’t conclusive proof that the flavonoids in chocolate were the underlying factor in the increased number of Nobel laureates, but it is an interesting statistic. Studies have concluded that flavonoids can slow down and in some cases reverse the decline in thinking abilities that are usually associated to old age. These flavonoids can also be found in green tea and red wine.

So go ahead, enjoying that glass of red wine with a small bit of chocolate. Your helping your brain.