Being Fat Helps You Live Longer

Gained a few pounds over the holidays?   Thinking about starting a diet?  You may want to reconsider.  A recent study did a systematic review of the findings from 97 previous studies concerning the Hazard Ratio (HR) for all causes of mortality (heart attack, cancer, disease, etc…) in overweight,se and nor obese normal weight participants.   These studies included 2.9 million people.  Several adjustments were made to take into consideration, marital status, age, sex and smoking.

What they found was people that were considered overweight, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 – 30 had a significantly lower HR risk than those with what would be considered a normal BMI level of 18.5 – 25.  Those with a BMI of 30 – 35 did not show any additional risk, but a BMI over 35 did show a greater HR.

Researchers caution that more studies and evaluations need to be done, that this information on BMI correlation is just an initial step in the process, but it does seem to indicate that having a few extra pounds on your body may not be such a bad thing.  Remember exercise and eating well still play an important part in your overall health.  Also consider taking a CPR and First Aid course to help you be better prepared to help out in an emergency situation.